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What Does Enterprise SEO Success Look Like?

To Scale, There Are 4 SEO Pillars You Need To Be Working Against...

Optimized Inventory

The first step is having competitive inventory levels that fully maximize SEO relevance & user engagement.

Focused Topical Depth

The next step is packaging, segmenting & presenting said inventory in a topically focused way.

Deep & Powerful Site Structure

Third, your most important pages, within each topic, need to be internally "powered up" at scale.

Brand/Site Trust & Authority

Finally, as you work against these core pillars, you continue to build more domain authority & trust.

But, there's plenty more your teams must be on top of...

Here Are Just Some of the SEO Projects We Can Help With...

Technical SEO Health

Optimize website security, mobile-friendliness, page speed / core web vitals, website & CMS migrations, redirect handling, JS rendering, canonicalization, crawl budgets, indexing rules & more.

Affiliate Commerce Engines

Do you drive revenues from "Best" & "Product Review" content? If so, we are absolutely your #1 SEO partner of choice. We thrive in building & scaling affiliate commerce revenues for large publishers.

Site Expertise & Trust (E.E.A.T.)

In today's world of misinformation it's important to build trust with your audience. From expert authorship & fact checking, to proper sourcing & labeling of content... we'll help solidify your onsite credibility.

Google Algo Health Checks

Site impacted by a recent Google Update? Does your organic traffic seem volatile with every major Core, Product Review, Helpful Content or Spam Update? Let us help you get to the bottom of it once and for all.

Google News SEO

Being optimized for Google News, Top Stories & Discover can bring massive amounts of fresh traffic to publishers. However, if you want a chance to win, your News SEO strategy needs to be sound.

International SEO

Have an international audience? Our comprehensive international SEO audits will help make sure your site follows current technical & regional best practices to avoid common mistakes & pitfalls.

Industry Schemas & Entities

Want featured snippets in Google? Every industry has a combination of universal & industry specific schemas & entities that should be optimized & validated across the template set.

SEO Analytics & Reporting

Go beyond the basics of Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Build custom dashboards that incorporate segmentation, power flows, topic maps, demand trends, gap analysis & more.


SAAS SEO can be incredibly challenging if not done with care and precision. From landing page optimization to educational content libraries built to support your money pages & engage your customers, we have a proven SEO blueprint for you.

E-commerce SEO

SEO is one of the fastest ways large ecommerce brands can boost revenues. If you're site's lacking core elements like: richly segmented category hubs, data-driven related product widgets, review strategies & feed optimization, call us..

M&A Due Diligence

Looking to buy or sell a web property or network? Make sure you run it through a rigorous, data-driven SEO market & performance review before signing on the dotted line. Alternatively, let us help find you sites to buy based on key criteria!

SOPs, Briefs & Guidelines

Need help with building editorial SEO guidelines, basic SEO best practices, training & related cross-team SEO documentation? We have built complete libraries of custom documentation to support large organizations of all types.

How It Works: Your First SEO Project

Your First SEO Project Consists of 3 Core Deliverables


Intense Competitive Analysis

Nobody can hide online! We will reveal & teach you everything your top ranked competitors are doing to win.


Comprehensive Site Audit

Step up your game! Have your site put through a rigorous audit process documented by an expert with 25 years of enterprise SEO experience.


SEO Strategy & Action Plan

In SEO, one size does not fit all! Get a data-driven action plan tailored to your goals, strengths, biggest needs & opportunities!

After the Market Assessment & Site Audit

If the fit is right, we continue to the "Active SEO" phase, which includes:


Launching Your SEO Growth Plan

Consider us your secret traffic tactical weapon. We can add firepower to your inhouse team or take charge & execute the marketing plan for you!


Testing & Measuring Results

Trackable metrics matter! Get set up with best-in-class analytics & performance dashboards to help make business decisions faster!


Optimizing for ROI

You are only as good as your last test! By embracing our framework you will have the strategy, data & tools to keep growing & building on your ROI!

Why Choose Rank Study?

With more than 25 years of experience, working in today's most competitive industries, the value you'll get is easily 10x your investment.

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Incremental SEO Revenues

“I absolutely love working with Darryl. Rank Study was already a consultant for our company when I joined the team at the start of 2022, and I had the pleasure of learning from him regularly over the past six months. I thought I was an SEO expert when I joined, but after my first meeting with Darryl, I realized I had a lot more to learn.

Darryl's breadth of SEO knowledge is incredible and humbling. He outshines other SEO professionals that I've worked with as he has more experience, more knowledge and thinks extremely holistically, and he has the evidence to back up his claims. We have a ton of cleanup and optimization to do on many websites, and Darryl was instrumental in helping us prioritize what will move the needle the most for improved organic performance and user experience.”

Ryan Kibbe

Senior SEO Manager
Recurrent Ventures

“Rank Study has worked with us for years & continues to be a critical business partner. From spearheading SEO strategies to helping build & grow our commerce affiliate engine, they consistently help keep our properties at the top of Google in many of today’s most competitive categories. We rely heavily on their expertise & collaborative approach across our teams to help drive digital performance.”

Bert Solivan

VP Audience Development
Ziff Davis (PCMag, IGN, Mashable, RetailMeNot & More)

“Darryl continues to help me transform & accelerate organizations from Yahoo to startups to complex organizations like Canadian Tire, Canada Post, Home Depot & others.

There are many who call themselves search experts. And then there is Darryl. He understands all aspects of search but, more importantly, he understands the linkage to driving revenue & profitability.”

Kerry Munro

SVP Connected Retail - Canadian Tire

“Darryl is an exceptional leader in the digital industry and a true business partner. During my time at The Home Depot, Darryl helped shape our SEO & SEM practices, making significant contributions to the business & helping drive eCommerce growth.

He understood that we weren’t all about marketing spend and budget; rather that we were all about ROI.”

Viviana Machado

Director, Digital Acquisition - BMO

“Impressive is an understatement for the kind of results and service we have received from Rank Study over the years.

In the first 30 days after switching to Rank Study they reduced our PPC spend by 50% and maintained the exact same volume of leads – who doesn`t like to see that kind of immediate impact!”

Mitch Solway

VP Marketing - FreshBooks

“Darryl`s energy and expert knowledge in the areas of SEO & PPC were a huge benefit to Yahoo! Darryl has described himself as an `ideas guy` but is the first person to get his hands dirty to make our products better.

The best example of Darryl`s ability to execute is the 13 straight months that Yahoo! broke its Google referral records.”

Sandy Ward

Technical Lead - Yahoo!

“Darryl is a phenomenal SEO and a true asset to any team with which he consults. Each and every deliverable Darryl provides is thorough and thoughtful, with a focus on both actionable improvements that can move the needle in the short-term and big-picture planning for long-term success. I fully recommend Darryl and Rank Study to any organization looking to transform their SEO practice.”

Asher Fusco

Trip Advisor

“Darryl was a terrific partner for me and Recurrent. I came into a challenging role and having Darryl behind me 24/7 gave me the reassurance I needed to move our SEO in the right direction. From tricky Googlebot behavior and competitor analysis to content planning and GSC oddities, Darryl is always able to find the issue and tell you in clear terms what Google is seeing. Furthermore, Darryl is rarely offline, often replying to emails and requests at 10 PM. I would recommend Darryl to any SEO team in need of assistance.”

Jacob Hurwith

Senior Director of Prouct SEO
Recurrent Ventures

“Darryl's deep expertise and dynamic industry knowledge have been tremendous assets to me during my years practicing Product Management at Ziff Media Group. His actionable insights influenced my decision-making and helped re-establish priorities as we tackled audience-related challenges. Darryl is a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended.”

Maximilian Teodorescu

Senior Product Manager
Ziff Davis (PCMag, IGN, Mashable, & more)

“Darryl is one of the most talented SEOs I've ever met. His technical chops are second-to-none and I learn something from him every time we chat. He is a masterful communicator, INCREDIBLY thorough and data-driven with everything he does, and more importantly, understands the entire publisher ecosystem which has been priceless in helping us to position key projects with internal stakeholders.

Darryl (and Jenn) are super responsive to all of our requests whether a quick email, an ad-hoc call for project feedback, or a time-sensitive deliverable with minimal notice. We consider them both an extension of our team and feel grateful to have them in our corner.”

Evan Williams

Senior SEO Managerr
The Drive, Bob Vila & more

“Darryl is one of the most talented SEOs I've ever met. His technical chops are second-to-none and I learn something from him every time we chat. He is a masterful communicator, INCREDIBLY thorough and data-driven with everything he does, and more importantly, understands the entire publisher ecosystem which has been priceless in helping us to position key projects with internal stakeholders.

Darryl (and Jenn) are super responsive to all of our requests whether a quick email, an ad-hoc call for project feedback, or a time-sensitive deliverable with minimal notice. We consider them both an extension of our team and feel grateful to have them in our corner.”

George Wakeling

SEO Director / Consolidated Credit /

“I've had the pleasure of working with Darryl on and off over the last 8 years and I would say that he is hands down the best SEO consultant I have ever worked with. SEO all comes down to trust and results and he has delivered in spades on both fronts.

Darryl is an incredibly data-driven SEO and excels in both technical and content analysis. He can fill in on a project-level basis or act as an in-house lead when you are resource-constrained. One of the most important skillsets Darryl has is to think like a consumer but understands and appreciates the impact his recommendations may have on your business.

For all of these reasons, I will continue to work with Darryl and recommend him to anyone else looking for SEO guidance.”

Jason Steele

GM / COO / Audience Development / Commerce / M&A
Ziff Davis &

“Worked with Darryl at two companies now on a variety of different websites both small and large. He's my absolute go-to for SEO and would highly recommend him over any SEO on the planet. No one has his depth of knowledge- and his ability to find new knowledge on emerging technology. I've seen him almost single-handedly turn over websites most pressing technological issues- and fix "the easy" stuff that no one else knows about. Quite literally, he's the best of the best.”

Benjamin Buckley

Global Head of Licensing & Commerce Revenue
Recurrent Ventures

“Darryl has been a trusted SEO expert advisor of mine for years. I have had to privilege to work with him and his Rank Study team at Home Depot and Designer Brands. He so easily connects the tech and business dots and will move your SEO practice at the speed of light.”

Erik Penno

VP of Digital Retail
Designer Brands

“Darryl has worked as an SEO consultant for AskMen for a long time. What strikes me about his work is that it is both detailed & practical. He provides actual examples of issues, along with a very clear path to success.

I’ve heard of SEO reports that collect dust on a client’s desk, but Darryl’s approach is one of the reasons his recommendations get implemented fast & deliver solid results.”

Ryan Johnson

VP & GM -

“The SEO audit conducted by Darryl and his team was outstanding. It uncovered a wealth of issues that required cleanup/action on our end. Darryl's recommendations were key in in building out a revised SEO strategy both within the marketing and development departments.

The recommendations are being rolled out in phases but even through Phase 1, we have noticed an uptick in organic traffic. Darryl and his team have also continued to make themselves available and advise re post-audit implementation. Thanks, Darryl! I firmly believe that any company for which SEO is important (essentially any company with an online pulse) would greatly benefit from Darryl's skill set, thorough approach and recommendations.”

Michael Ishak

HVP of Marketing - StickerYou

“I've known Darryl for a number of years and worked with him on a number of very different projects across Ziff Davis and recently used their affiliate SEO playbook to jelp launch Forbes Advisor. I can, and often do, recommend him to other people. I've found Darryl to be helpful, organized, and cool in a crisis. No job is too big or too small, and they are all handled with an eagerness and excitement that I've always appreciated.

Darryl and Rankstudy have laid the ground for upcoming projects, turned around broken ones, and helped others to stay strong in highly competitive, fast-moving niches.”

Sal Colangelo

Head of Product - Forbes Marketplace

“Had the extreme pleasure to work with Darryl for over a year. During this time, his deep passion and extensive knowledge of SEO was showcased throughout his deliverables. Daryl was brought in to Canadian Tire to conduct an in-depth audit of our website and helped identify areas where we should focus our efforts. His thorough in-depth audit, guidance outlining our roadmap and MVP list really showcased his knowledge and expertise. He was a great asset during our HTTPS migration and continues to be a great consultanyt and partner for us. I would highly recommend Darryl to anyone who is looking to improve or grow their SEO presence.”

Joanne Mobilio

SEO Lead - Canadian Tire

“The experts at RankStudy were able to delve deep into the SEO situation of our key media properties at a vital time when we were introducing critical transformations into our products – with immediate and very tangible results.”

Hiram Enriquez

Director, Digial Media - MTV

“Working with Darryl @ Rankstudy over the last number of years has been a refreshing and enlightening experience. Darryl is unlike any other SEO, PPC expert I have worked with.

His indepth research & explanation(s) of `how` and `why` things work truly demonstrate his vast knowledge in this arena. Darryl is an absolute asset for anyone looking to accelerate and maximize their SEO & PPC strategies.”

Dave Malda

VP Marketing - eBridge Software

“As proved by the record shattering work he did for Yahoo!, Blue Kangaroo & others, Darryl Peddle is one of the more astute & effective SEO strategists working today…

When Darryl takes on a project, he attacks it with exceptional enthusiasm & detailed follow-through, often going above & beyond to ensure better results for the client. Impressive. Simply put… Darryl delivers!”

Hunter Madsen

VP Marketing - Yahoo!

“Yahoo was smart enough to hire Darryl, and Yahoo only hires the best and the brightest. Darryl is also someone I trust and have always enjoyed working with.

If he’s bright enough to head up SEO at Yahoo, then I’d say he’s bright enough to work for just about anyone, including you. Hire Darryl before your competition does… you won’t be sorry.”

Jeff Johnson

Super Affiliate

“Darryl was one of my keynote speakers at HICK Tech–a rural technology conference. His session was standing room only and went well beyond the alloted time. People were glued to their seats with questions and epiphanies about how search engines work and how to make their Web sites work for them.

Thank you Darryl on providing such a fantastic experience for my conference attendees. They`re still talking about it!"

Emma Jane Hogpin

Hicktech Conference Founder

“Rank Study is a company that I recommend heavily for keyword analysis and competitive market research.

Darryl provided a great report & coaching session on all the smart stuff that makes you think strategically about your website and the journey that you would like your customers to experience”

Bernadeen McCleod

CEO - Mentorworks & Government Grant Expert

“A step through the internet looking glass. An incredible view from the inside of internet marketing and competition.

This is probably the most insightful & action packed keynote presentation I have seen to date. Thanks Darryl, and looking forward to even more breakthrough insights down the road.”

Jeff Bloom

Attendee - StomperNet Conference

“The training with Darryl Peddle was awesome! Please arrange to kidnap him and keep him locked up in a “presidential suite” at the closest hotel. Then, have him give many more trainings for us all.

By far the best training I have attended in the 6-7 years I have been in the SEO business and I am an expert myself. Just amazing!”

Casey Brander

Ark Consulting

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